Natural Capsaicin VS Nonivamide Powder

- Oct 27, 2020-

Natural Capsaicin VS Nonivamide Powder

Natural capsaicin is a class of alkaloids containing vanillamide, which mainly contains capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin and homodihydrocapsaicin.

The structure of capsaicin is trans-8-methyl-N-vananyl-6-nonenamide, which is the strongest pungent and irritating in natural capsaicin, it has a variety of complex physiological and pharmacological activities. It is applied in the fields of medicine, military, biological pesticides, chemical coatings, food and health care, etc., which has been a hot spot for research and development at home and abroad in recent years. At present, high-purity capsaicin is expensive, and its naturally extracted high-purity products sell for tens of thousands of dollars per kilogram.

The price of synthetic 8-methyl-N-vananyl-6-nonenylamide is also above 10,000 yuan per kilogram; At the same time, in 95% of natural capsaicin, the total content of the most pungent ingredients does not exceed 70%, which greatly limits its application. It restricts its application in low-end markets such as biological pesticides and chemical coatings, and it can only be used in high-end markets such as food, health care and pharmaceutical industries.

Natural Capsaicin



Synthetic Capsaicin

Nonivamide Powder is n-pelargyl vanillyl amide, which is a capsaicin analog. Its Scoville hotness unit is 9 200 000. The Scoville hotness unit of pure capsaicin is 16 000 000. The hotness of Nonivamide is 58% of pure capsaicin, but its synthesis cost is much lower than pure capsaicin, which can be used in many low-end markets.

The synthesis method of capsaicin is generally the reaction of vanillin hydrochloride with n-nonanoyl chloride. Because vanillin hydrochloride has poor solubility in organic solvents, the reaction is slow, and vanillin hydrochloride has a benzene ring molecule The competitive group -OH can also react with n-nonanoyl chloride under these conditions, so the yield is low; The post-processing methods of the products mostly use column chromatography combined with recrystallization, which not only wastes a lot of organic solvents, but also makes it difficult to realize industrial production.

In order to meet the requirements of increasing yield, reducing costs and reducing environmental pollution, and suitable for industrial production, the traditional process conditions must be improved.

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