Motherwort extract benefits

- Jul 14, 2019-

Motherwort is a kind of plant that prefers a warm and humid climate and enjoys the sun. It is often used in medicine. The motherwort extract is extracted from the essence of motherwort and has a wide range of medicinal properties.

The main functions of Motherwort extract are as follows:

1. Menstruation

Motherwort is a commonly used menstrual hemostasis drug, which has a strong uterine excitatory effect and can increase the contraction amplitude, frequency and tension of the uterus. An important drug for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Can be used to treat gynecological diseases such as blood stasis and amenorrhea;

2. Detumescence and pain relief

Motherwort is cold and clear, not only can activating blood circulation, relieving pain, but also clearing away heat and detoxification and swelling. It can be used to treat bruises, stagnation, swelling and so on. It can also clear away heat and detoxify and treat various sore swollen poisons;

3. Dilation of blood vessels

Motherwort can significantly increase coronary flow and significantly slow heart rate. Slowing heart rate and reducing output and left ventricular work, direct expansion of the vessel wall;

4. Anti-aging

Motherwort contains trace elements such as selenium and manganese, which can resist oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and inhibit cancer cell proliferation. Therefore, Motherwort has a nourishing effect;

5. Anticoagulant effect

Motherwort has a platelet aggregation effect, which can prolong the formation of thrombosis, reduce the number of platelets, and weaken the aggregation function. Have a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing phlegm;

6. Improve immunity

Motherwort can promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes and improve the cellular immune function of the body;

7. Protect the kidneys

Motherwort has a certain preventive effect on the initial acute tubular necrosis, can significantly increase renal cortical blood flow, improve renal function, reduce or restore renal tubular cell degeneration, turbid swelling and other diseases.

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