Is Synephrine Hydrochloride safe when slimming?

- Mar 15, 2021-

Consumers are gradually aware of health care, they will pay more attention to the safety and practicality of product formulations when buying weight-loss products.

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Slimming products without ephedrine, is made of extracting Citrus aurantium, which came into being. In the United States, Synephrine Hydrochloride ( ingredient of Citrus aurantium) has become one of the top five ingredients in over-the-counter weight loss products. So, Is it safe when slimming?

First, let's give a brief introduction to Synephrine. it is the main active ingredient of the dried young fruit of Rutaceae Lime and its cultivars or sweet orange-Citrus aurantium extract. The content in immature fruits is higher than that in mature fruits. In addition, synephrine, as a biologically derived amine, is also present in mammalian urine and kidney glands.

Synephrine and other components in Fructus Aurantii are similar in structure to ephedrine , for acting as the matrix of special adrenergic receptors. They can raise blood pressure, promote lipolysis and lower blood lipids, raising blood pressure, promoting lipolysis, and lowering blood lipids. which has adrenaline-like effects and other pharmacological effects. Citrus aurantium does not produce a negative effect on the central nervous system unlike ephedra. Ephedra stimulates all β-adrenergic receptors , while Synephrine Hydrochloride without side effects can accelerate fat metabolism .


However, there is no definite standard for the optimal dosage in weight-loss products, the appropriate dosage should be selected according to different users. Traditionally, it is considered appropriate to take 4-20 mg of synephrine daily. Because it has the cardiotonic effect of raising blood pressure, there is side effects when the elderly and hypertensive patients taken high-dose. Citrus aurantium is regarded as a traditional medicinal material with low toxicity and side effects, it has been widely used. synephrine is comparatively safe.

Synephrine Hydrochloride, as the main effective substance to promote fat decomposition, can be widely used in various dietary supplements. Under the condition of determining its optimal dosage, it can be used as a food additive in candies, cakes, biscuits, sugar cubes, nutritional products, tea bags, beverages such as tea, coffee, nutritional and sports drinks and chewing gum. It can also be used in the cosmetics industry, sunscreen lotion, moisturizing lotion, moisturizer, facial cleanser, lipstick, etc.

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