Is it OK to take echinacea every day?

- Sep 08, 2020-

Echinacea extract is mainly composed of phenolic compounds coffee acid derivatives, echinacea glycosides, macarpone glycosides, silica chlorogenic acid, isotrogenic acid, North Korea and acid and other components.

The raw material for its extract is mainly from echinacea perennant plants, after a series of processes ,it become the fine powders of yellow-green or pale yellow. What is the amount and usage of its extract? Let's take a look at it in more detail.

Echinacea extract.jpg

Echinacea extracts have a good effect on antibacterial antivirals and improving the body's immunity, for some people with low immunity who are always weak and sick, the use of it can increase your body's resistance and immunity, making you stronger and more immune to viruses and bacteria. For some middle-aged and elderly users , it can also play an anti-tumor anti-inflammatory role, for arthritis pain, toothache or burn pain ,it also has a relief effect, which can also be seen that tissue extract in the pharmaceutical industry is very widely used.

The amount and use of echinacea extract ,for adults, generally use one grain at a time, three times a day, choose to eat after meals, of course, you can also choose to eat with the meal. Users can follow the doctor's arrangements according to their physical condition.

Due to the widespread use, there are many different manufacturers of its extract in the market for their own safety, it is recommended that you choose some brands with quality standards in line with international standards. After all, medicine is used to treat diseases or health care, from regular manufacturers. Buy it with confidence, and use it with more peace of mind.

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