How to use Nonivamide Powder in wires and cables?

- Nov 10, 2020-

Nonivamide Powder used in wires and cables:

Nonivamide Powder

Nonivamide Powder used in wires and cables

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) are more and more widely used as insulation and sheath materials in the wire and cable industry. In addition to being damaged by oxygen, heat, light, force, and chemical erosion, they can also be damaged by termites, house mice or wild mice, which can cause power outages, communication interruptions, and even short circuits, which can cause fires.

Therefore, countermeasures have been studied at home and abroad for a long time.

Some add highly toxic drugs to achieve the purpose of killing insect pests, but the main body material is also damaged and both loses. There are also metal sheaths composed of wrinkled steel pipes and thin copper tapes, but the cost is high and the construction is inconvenient. It cannot be used as a battlefield route. Communication optical cables are often damaged by rodents in southern, northwestern, Inner Mongolia and the prairie.

With the need of national defense modernization, weapons and equipment are more advanced, using lasers, computers, etc. Therefore, there is an urgent need to solve the problem of wire and cable being bitten by wild animals such as rats in the field. For example, substation equipment is often bitten; the power cords and wiring of computers, air conditioners and household appliances are often bitten by rats, including the wires and cables in the grain warehouses. In transportation, such as power lines, communication lines, and broadcasting lines in train cars are also very damaged. Passenger ships also use rodent-proof cables; mahogany furniture and cultural relics will also be bitten.

However, if Nonivamide Powder is mixed into the above-mentioned cable or coated with anti-rat coating, damage can be prevented.

Another example is that galvanized pipes are changed to aluminum-plastic pipes or cross-linked vinyl pipes and the exposed parts are coated with anti-rat coating to prevent biting damage. Therefore, the application prospect of capsaicin in wire, cable and food packaging is very broad.

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