How to purchase high-quality pure propolis ?

- Mar 25, 2021-

Concerned experts concluded that when buying pure propolis products, you can master the principle of "three watching and three choosing".

Three looking:

First, look at the product formula. there are simplex and compound propolis products on the market. for simplex propolis products, the main raw material is propolis. 

propolis extract

Since the pharmacological effects are the same, it can be said that the difference in the health function of it is a difference in form rather than in substance. Compound is a combination of multiple functional ingredients containing propolis.

Second, pay attention to the approval documents. The safety, stability and efficacy of propolis health food is approved by the Ministry of Health or the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) , which have been verified. carrying the approval number and health food logo on packaging.

Third, look at the functional ingredients and content. For simplex products, the level of total flavonoids reflects the difference in formulas and the respective characteristics of the products. Those with high functional ingredients have better health care effects;At the same time, the content of functional ingredients is also the basis for product pricing. Consumers should rationally choose products with high functional ingredients at the same price.

Three choosing:

First, choosing the brand. Only those brands that have been suffered from challenges in the market for many years, have first-class software and hardware facilities, which are professional and focus on pure propolis, it can provide customers with reliable products and good market services.

pure propolis

Second, select the process.

The quality of propolis products is closely related to the used raw materials , the key to the quality of raw materials lies in the extraction process. Depending on the extraction process, the shape, color, main components, residues, lead content and taste of propolis are very different.

Third, choose the dosage form.

At present, pure propolis products on the market include liquid, tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule and other dosage forms. Among them, the amount of liquid is small, and the external use is quick; the soft capsule is small in size, with sealing properties, has a smooth taste, and is easily dissolved and absorbed by the gastrointestinal. Consumers can choose their own dosage form according to their purchasing purpose and habits.

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