How to pick the raw materials of hops extract?

- Jun 17, 2020-

The raw material of hop extract - hops, also known as snake hemp flowers, is a perennial winding herb with green stems and branches, more than 6m long vines, dense fine hairs, and barbs. The ears are cone-shaped and oblate, with a flowering period of July to August and a fruiting period of September to October. As one of the essential raw materials in the beer brewing industry, hops give the beer a soft and beautiful aroma and a delicious taste, which is known as "the soul of beer" in the beer raw materials.

There are about 25 countries worldwide that grow hops, with Europe the most, followed by the Americas and Asia. China's hop cutting has a history of 60 years, since the first National Wine Flower Conference held in 1958, Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia have become china's main wine cultivation areas, especially Xinjiang, accounting for more than 60% of the total cultivation area, the output accounted for 70% of the total amount of wine flowers. At present, the main cultivar in China is Qingdao Dahua, which was introduced to China around 1937. It was first planted in Qingdao, so it was named Qingdao Dahua, and its cultivation area accounted for more than 85% of the total area of hops in China.

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The raw material of hop extract- the determination of the brewing period

The flowering period of hops is From July to August, and the fruit period is September to October, because its growth process is susceptible to light, rain, temperature, fertilization and other factors, the maturity period will be different each year. a-acid is the main ingredient in hops, which is isomedized to iso-acid when the wheat juice is boiled, which is the main source of beer bitters. Before the hops are picked, take the flower petals to dry and use the photolight method to test the percentage content of a-acid to determine whether it is mature, when the a-acid content of fresh liquor flowers reaches 6.5% to 7.0% can be determined to be ripe, it can start picking. The harvestperiod of hops is only about 1 week, after this period, the a-acid content of the hops will be rapidly decayed, therefore, after accurate determination of the picking period, the concentration of all resources in time to pick hops can effectively improve hop production.

The raw material of hop extract - the way to pick hops

Xinjiang is the world's three major hop cultivation base - - the output accounted for nearly 70% of the country's total output, ranking first in China. Among them, Xinjiang's hop cultivation more than 80% in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, planting area of 200,000 mu, known as "China's hop town." At present, the hop picking mode of domestic hop processing enterprises is mainly mechanical picking, which can save manpower, improve efficiency and shorten the storage time after hop picking. However, because the flower body of Qingdao Dahua is long, the flower esteem is not closed tightly, and it is easy to be damaged during mechanical harvesting, so it mainly relies on manual harvesting of vines and hops, and then cooperates with the hops harvesting and sorting unit for flower harvesting. It is because of the dependence on man-made and farms. Only then did Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps become the largest hop planting base in China.

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