How to extract synephrine hydrochloride?

- Oct 14, 2020-

Synephrine hydrochloride can be chemically synthesized and extracted from plants. The chemical synthesis routes include the amino cyanide method and the direct acylation method. extract synephrine hydrochloride.jpg

The product obtained is the DL-racemate, due to the possibility of the D-enantiomer It has side effects and is difficult to separate, which severely restricts the chemical synthesis of L-synephrine. Therefore, extraction and isolation from plants has become the only method for preparing L-synephrine.

Method 1:

A method for extracting synephrine from citrus peel, the method comprising the steps:

1) Preparation of synephrine crude extract: take citrus peel and extract with ethanol aqueous solution to obtain synephrine crude extract;

2) Preliminary purification: After extracting the crude synephrine extract with ethyl acetate, use HP20 resin for column chromatography;

3) Refining: The preliminarily purified synephrine obtained in step 2) is subjected to column chromatography with XAD18 resin and detected by HPLC. The eluents with synephrine purity greater than 95% are mixed and freeze-dried to obtain a white powdery substance. Synephrine.

Method 2: A method for preparing high-purity L-synephrine, using commercially available Citrus aurantium as raw material, dissolving, suction filtration, ultrafiltration to remove sugar and protein, macroporous adsorption resin decolorization, ethanol removal of oligosaccharides, reverse osmosis Membrane concentration, freeze drying, Preparing L-synephrine powder.

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