How to distinguish the authenticity of propolis powder?

- Jan 05, 2021-

Propolis powder, as the name implies, is a powdered propolis product. It is pure propolis extracted from the original propolis at a low temperature and then pulverized at a low temperature. It is refined by adding edible and medical raw materials. It is popular among many consumers, but what should be distinguish the true and false propolis?

distinguish the authenticity of propolis powder

To understand the method of distinguishing propolis, you must first understand the production process. Rebeccia gives your a brief introduction,the powder uses modern technology to dry the wax-free purified propolis extract with hot air. The dried propolis blocks are crushed and sieved. Then which is added with anti-coagulant superfine silica, we get it.

production process of propolis

It can be seen that the main components of propolis powder are purified propolis and silicon dioxide, the particle size of propolis and the content of purified propolis can be controlled from 30% to 80%, it can also be proportioned according to customer requirements of the different auxiliary materials, so the quality of the powder is related to the content of purified propolis added and its own fine size. It is recommended that you pay more attention to the content of purified propolis when choosing propolis. Naturally, the propolis with higher purified propolis content has a better health effect on the body.

choosing propolis powder

In addition, Rebeccia would like to remind you that propolis powder is a health food, you must pay attention to whether there is a Blue hat sign on the package. Only with the sign, which is a health product. In fact, in addition to its powder, there are many propolis products for everyone to choose from. Propolis capsules are one of the more common ones. Propolis capsules on the market contain up to 10.25 flavonoids, which have a wide range of health effects on the body.

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