How many benefits gotu kolahave in skin care?

- Nov 07, 2019-

Gotu kola is a dry whole grass of Centella asiatica, which is a common traditional Chinese medicine that  recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It called Zhongjing in the Shen Nong's Herbal Classic. Gotu kola has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, detoxification and swelling. It contains trimethylbenzene, polyenes, volatile oils and other chemical compositions. Therefore,there are some researches about gotu kola in skin care as follows.


1. Gotu kola in skin care can cure acne

People eat asiaticoside tablets combined with antibiotics and self-killing micro-mixtures for the treatment of acne vulgaris with nodular lesions has achieved satisfactory results. The peripheral nodular regression rate is significantly improved, the cure rate is improved, and the skin is flat after healing. The wound marks can repaired quickly with good safety and no obvious adverse reactions. It has also been found that the combination of asiaticoside cream and the initial introduction of scars after the treatment of acne is effective in the single use of asiaticoside cream, and the operation is simple, the irritation is small.

2. Gotu kola in skin care can cure slight traces

Clinical studies have found that asiaticoside tablets combined with their creams have a good effect on the treatment of complications. And it has been found that the efficacy is significantly related to the length of the disease, the shorter the disease period, the smaller the damage area, the better the effect. Some scholars have found that the combination of asiaticoside combined with surgery or radiotherapy has reliable results, and it has been found that asiaticoside has no damage to important organs such as heart, liver and kidney.  And the effect of postoperative treatment with large doses of asiaticoside for 12 months is better than that of the low-dose group. But it only suitable to patients with a small number of keloids and a small area.

gotu kola

3. Gotu kola  in skin care can  cure scleroderma

The treatment of scleroderma has generally decreased. Shanghai asiaticoside clinical cooperation group care the 151 treatment of 26 cases of scleroderma, the total effective replacement of 80.8%. Mao Weihan et al combined the asiaticoside tablets and asiaticoside cream to treat 27 cases of localized scleroderma with an effective rate of 90%, and 5 cases of single topical asiaticoside cream, with an effective rate of 71%. And the effectively rate reach to 89%. Therefore, gotu kola is significantly effective on skin care.


4. Gotu kola in skin care can repair wound

The asiaticoside can inhibit the proliferation of fibroblasts and activate the epithelial cells, which can effectively promote wound healing. Through clinical studies, it has been found that the clinical application of asiaticoside or combined tablets for the treatment of ulcers and wounds has significant curative effect. It shorten the healing time of laser and small and medium burn wounds to prevent the formation of pathological scars.