How effective is the sea buckthorn fruit oil in skin care ?

- Sep 17, 2020-

With the development of pharmaceutical technology, people have made further upgrades to traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, plant extraction can directly obtain the medicinal ingredients, and then in different

sea buckthorn fruit oil.jpgproportions mixed preparation into a new form of drugs, so that both storage and use is extremely simple. The substances that can be extracted are diverse, even common fruits and vegetables. Sea buckthorn fruit oil is an oil extracted from plant fruit, which is said to have a good maintenance effect. So, how effective is it in skin care?

It is a brown-red, clear and transparent oily liquid made from high-quality selected sea-buckthorn fruits through juice extraction, high-speed centrifugal separation, plate and frame filter press and other processes. It has the unique aroma of sea-buckthorn fruits. It is rich in more than 100 biologically active ingredients, and has a comprehensive multi-faceted curative effect in clinical medical observation. It has the effects of lowering blood fat, resisting ulcers, improving immunity and beauty.

Sea buckthorn fruit oil can also be applied in the field of beauty, after decolorization treatment into cream cosmetics, it is applied to the skin, which can promote the circulation of facial microvascular, its antioxidant function can effectively remove facial spots and wrinkles, moisturizing, whitening, plaque, wrinkle removal and other aspects of the effect. In addition, sea buckthorn oil also has a certain radiation resistance and prevention and control of burns and frostbite. it can be widely used in medicine, functional food and other fields.

Therefore, sea buckthorn fruit oil has a better skin care effect. In addition, through the study found that the sea buckthorn oil carotenoids and vitamin E, as well as a variety of trace elements such as the human body indispensable vitamin A, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and other high content, the active substances are mostly human cell composition and life-sustaining activities indispensable substances, involved in all aspects of the body's life activities, which can be seen that the nutritional content of sea buckthorn is comprehensive, it is incomparable to other oils.

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