How Does Beetroot Pigment Extraction Apply In?

- Dec 18, 2019-

The application of beetroot in food has been studied by many researchers and the food industry. The color, taste and rich nutrients of beetroot have become a popular food. Especially beetroot pigment extraction is widely used.

Beetroot is consumed all over the world. In Eastern Europe, beetroot soup is a popular food, and pickled beet is a traditional food in South America. As a result, in some places, beets have broad commercial uses in the production of kimchi, functional drinks, food colors, and the like.

beetroot extract

Using beetroot pigment extraction as a substitute for synthetic pigments can become a powerful marketing tool for the food industry, because the green consumer concept is replacing more and more synthetic food additives with consumers. Natural colorants are considered safe to eat, so natural colorants are more likely to be used as food additives than synthetic colorants. Synthetic pigments have numerous interaction effects on human health, and multiple consumption can cause allergic reactions, and some may even cause cancer. At the same time, natural food coloring is also attractive in improving vision, especially the myopia rate of teenagers is now reaching, making natural food coloring more prominent in functional foods.

beetroot extract beverage

Beetroots are mainly found in food and beverages these two forms. One is grated dehydrated beetroot and the other is beet juice. Dehydrated beetroot is powdered, and beet juice can also be powdered by spray drying. Fresh beetroot, beetroot powder or beetroot pigment extraction can be used to brighten the color of tomato pastes, soups, sauces, desserts, jams, jellies, candy ice cream and breakfast cereals. Food coloring, certain dairy products, yogurt, processed cheese and confectionery, is a natural color that is popular with producers and consumers. Because beetroot juice changes color when heated, it can only be used in ice cream, candy and other low-temperature or mayonnaise recipes. Whether liquid or freeze-dried beetroot juice can replace synthetic food additives.

And according to reports from foreign food websites, Synthite has developed a natural pigment made from beetroot extract, which can replace carmine pigment made from insects. This natural colorant is made by mixing beetroot extract with paprika, which is comparable to carmine in terms of light and heat stability, and the product has no effect on the flavor of the finished product.

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