How do I store green tea?

- Aug 06, 2020-

Green tea is usually very sensitive. It contains ingredients that are highly oxidizing. Therefore, you should be careful when storing it. If stored properly, it can be kept fresh for 24 months.

The main points to judge the freshness of tea are:

Fresh tea has a clean and mellow taste.

Leaf color-it should be light green.

The soup color-it should be golden yellow.

If the above factors change, we can say that tea is out of date.

In order to get the most health benefits from it, people should be familiar with the following tips to keep the tea fresh.

store green tea

Five tips for its storage:


This is the number one enemy of green tea. Chlorophyll, one of the ingredients, is easily oxidized, which causes the leaf color to turn brown and the taste of the tea, the properly produced tea is dried to 2% to 3% moisture content.

With the constant change of water, it is almost impossible to maintain this state.

Stored in an airtight container minimizes moisture exposure. It also helps to make sure that the container doesn't open often.

High temperature:

High temperatures accelerate certain chemical processes and lead to the breakdown of certain components, such as amino acids. On the other hand, lower temperatures slow oxidation. Refrigeration is therefore recommended.


Most tea compounds react with oxygen. For example, vitamin C is highly oxidized, which causes the color of the tea to turn red or brown. The steals the raw fresh taste of the tea. To prevent this, store in an airtight container.


Both artificial and direct sunlight can adversely affect the quality of green tea.  

Chlorophyll is the main component of tea color ,it is very sensitive to light. When exposed to light, a series of chemical reactions occur and the color changes yellow-brown, which makes the tea bad. To prevent this, store it in an opaque container.


The tea often absorbs the smell around it. Keep away from other smelly foods and items.

It is said that tea never really spoils. Old tea can be used; it's just not as good as fresh and well-stocked tea. In order to increase and improve the shelf life of the tea, the above storage tips can be used.

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