How about the Capsaicin market?

- Nov 12, 2020-

The application market for capsaicin is divided into two parts: one is the low-end market and the other is the high-end market.

At present, the most promising areas of application of capsaicin are wire /cable and marine anti-fouling coatings. However, there have been no reports of large-scale industrialization, mainly because most of the capsaicin used today is extracted from natural chili peppers, even synthetic but it is still high in price. If the price of capsaicin can be greatly reduced, its market will be very large.

Capsaicin Market Demand

Take the use of wire and cable as an example: At present, cable materials are mainly polyethylene, PVC, rubber and other components. From the perspective of demand, in 2008, the global consumption of low-density polyethylene used for wire and cable will reach 1.755 million tons, accounting for 3.9% of the total consumption of low-density polyethylene; of which linear low-density polyethylene is used for wire and cable Consumption will reach 640,000 tons, accounting for 1.7% of linear low-density polyethylene consumption. The consumption of high-density polyethylene for wires and cables will reach 390,000 tons, accounting for 1.3% of the consumption of high-density polyethylene.

my country's polyethylene consumption in 2005 exceeded 10 million tons. If calculated according to the same consumption ratio, my country's polyethylene consumption for wires and cables is at least 210,000 tons. According to expert estimates, my country's apparent consumption of PVC reached 6 million tons in 2005, of which 7% was used for wires and cables, reaching 420,000 tons. China's rubber consumption in 2005 was about 3.6 million tons, although the proportion of consumption for wire and cable is small, but even at 1%, there are still 36,000 tons. Together, 670,000 tons of wire and cable are used each year. If the addition of capsaicin is calculated at 1%, then the demand for capsaicin in our country in wire and cable will be 6000 to 7000 tons/year, the market potential is very great.

Capsaicin powder

Capsaicin wire and cable

At present, the market for high-purity capsaicin applications is dominated by naturally extracted capsaicin. The absolute demand for capsaicin in this market may not be large, but its economic benefits are considerable. The key to whether synthetic capsaicin can replace natural capsaicin lies in the preparation technology of high-purity capsaicin and the safety evaluation of its toxicity.

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