Hop Extract Raw Materials - Hop Picking Process

- Jun 18, 2020-

Hop extract raw materials - hop picking process is as follows:

(1) Cutting down rattan: that is, to cut down rattan manually and transport it to the processing workshop with transport equipment after harvesting.After cutting the rattan, the root of the old vine should be treated regularly to ensure the growth of the wines in the coming year.

(2) Flower of Hop extract picking: Use 5PZF - 500A3 type hop picking unit to separate useless roots and leaves from the wine vine, retain the wine flower.

(3) Blowing cold air: Put the harvested hops into the dryer (commonly known as) and blow cold air to dry the newly harvested hops and lower them to normal temperature. Otherwise, the situation of "curling leaves" will occur after the hops are baked, which will take more than 4 hours.

Hop Extract Raw Materials

(4) Roasting flowers: The baking process is essential to control the quality index of hops, mainly for cold-dried hops to be baked in order to remove moisture (control to about 6%), and to fix acid. Process temperature is 50 C~60C. Time is 12~16h. Start turning once per hour, lightly turning and agitating to avoid fragmentation. Change to turning once every 2h after 2 h until the twist shaft with fingers is easily broken at 80%~90%.

(5) back tide, packaging; Then the back tide of dry wine flowers through the packer line packed, quantitative packaging (50 soil 3) kg / package.

(6) Refrigeration: shrink the hop holder immediately after packing, and control the storage temperature by 0 C~5 C. The higher the storage temperature of shrink hops, the lower the A-acid quantity of processing elbow and the higher the storage index (HSI), which is not conducive to the control of the later hop processing volume.The reduced wine was stored for 3 months at 20 C~25 C and 0 C~4 C respectively. The orange ratio data are shown in the table.

Table: Effect of Storage Temperature on Flower Quality of Hop extract:

Detection mode

Water content/%

a acid/%

B- acid/%


Prior to storage

20 C~25で





Stored for 3 months






Storage for 3 months





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