Heat Sensitizer Vanillyl butyl ether for body

- Dec 14, 2020-

Vanillyl butyl ether is an oil-soluble thermal sensitizer, which can quickly produce mild and long-lasting pyrogenic after being locally applied to the skin, including accelerating microcirculation, stimulating subcutaneous fat metabolism, and promoting capillary blood circulation. Its heat sensation is several times that of general chili extract, with low irritation, the heat sensation lasts for several hours, it can get a strong heat sensation at a very low dosage. In addition, VBE is a stable and safe ingredient with a pleasant vanilla flavor.


Chemical structure and name:

INCI name: Vanillyl Butyl Ether

CAS No: 82654-98-6

Molecular weight: 210.27

Molecular formula: C12H18O3


Teehot VBE

Product Features:

1.It produces a strong heat sensation on the skin, it produces a gentle and lasting heat sensation to promote subcutaneous fat metabolism and slimming . Teehot VBE acts on the skin or mucous membranes to quickly activate vanilloid receptors ( also called capsaicin receptors, a channel complex protein), open calcium channels, and depolarize the membranes at the end of primary sensory neurons. A strong heat sensation can be produced quickly in about 2 minutes and lasts for about 2 hours.

Teehot Vanillyl butyl ether is a heat sensation produced by directly stimulating nerve endings,whose heat sensation is a thermal that is sensed by triggering neurotransmitters. The actual temperature of the skin does not change significantly.

2.Teehot VBE is similar in structure to most thermal agents (capsaicin, ginger extract). Compared with other thermal agents, it is less irritating, mild and safer.

Teehot VBE structure


3.It has a synergistic with cooling agents-adding a small amount of thermal agents to the cooling agents can improve the cooling of the skin, significantly enhance the cooling sensation of the cooling agents and prolong the cooling time.

4.It has a slightly pleasant vanilla flavor.


Regular skin care products;

Thermal mask;

Cleaning products;


SPA products;

Massage products;

Anti-drop, hair growth products;

Body cream;


Slimming products;

Vanillyl butyl ether application

Recipe tips:

Teehot Vanillyl butyl ether is easy to use in formulas, with good stability, good acid and alkali resistance. The applicable pH range is: 3.0-10.0. It can be used in combination with most cosmetic ingredients.

Transparent water agent system: mix with solubilizer in a certain proportion and add directly to water;

Emulsification system: When the temperature of the formula is cooled to about 40℃, add it to the system together with the flavor;

Suggested dosage: 0.1-0.5%, 0.1% for lips and sensitive parts;

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