Functional ingredients of okra

- Apr 06, 2021-

As the raw material of Natural Okra Powder, what are the functional ingredients of okra?

1. Flavonoids;

The okra's seeds contain many functional components, the most researched ones among them are polyphenols. the level of flavonoids is higher, which is much higher than that in soybeans. Flavonoids are natural and effective active ingredients , which have strong scavenging free radicals and anti-oxidation ability. as known as called "phytoestrogens", Flavonoids are similar in structure to estrogen in the human body . It has significant effects on lipid-lowering, anti-osteoporosis , anti-cancer and anti-cancer, which can also improve the body's immunity and maintain the normal endocrine system.


Many medicinal plants mostly contain alkaloids, which have significant biological activity. The pharmacological activities of alkaloids are mostly embodied in anti-cancer, analgesic, anti-depressant, stimulant, and immune capabilities. The tender fruits and seeds of okra are rich in alkaloids.

Natural Okra Powder

When studying the effects of the aqueous extract of alkaloids from okra seeds on the fatigue of mice, after feeding mice with different doses of extracts for 30 days, it was found that the natural okra powder can significantly increase the level of liver glycogen in mice and enhance weight-bearing swimming time, reducing blood lactic acid and serum urea nitrogen, which has anti-fatigue effect on mice, there is a dose-effect relationship. Due to the special taste of alkaloids in okra seeds, roasting and grinding the dried okra seeds into coffee additives or substitutes can make us refresh. It is also used in the development of anti-fatigue functional beverages for high-stress people.

3.Medicinal effect:

Studies have found that okra seeds can significantly enhance the activity of tumor anti-necrosis factor. okra seed coat and seed powder can enhance the physiological activity of diabetes and hyperlipidemia antibodies. Tests have confirmed that these substances can reduce blood sugar and blood lipids in mice. Myricetone in natural okra powder can improve insulin sensitivity , which is expected to assist in the treatment of patients with insulin resistance.

okra yogurt.jpg


At present, there are milk powder and okra as the main raw materials on the market, develop a new product- the okra yogurt ´╝îits process has been explored. The okra yogurt curd is firm ,moderately sweet and sour, which not only eliminates the bad flavor of okra, but also improves synergistically. The two kinds of food play the role of anti-fatigue, delaying aging and enhancing immunity. In addition, the tender fruit of okra can be processed into foods such as health wine, dried okra vegetables, and original berry cakes, which also has a good prospect. in summary, the research and utilization prospects of okra nutrition and functional components are extremely broad. It is necessary to give full play to the potential of okra resources and utilize this new type of vegetable rich in nutritional value and health benefits.

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