Emotion conversion agent - Melissa Extract Powder

- May 11, 2020-

The Arab herbists of the eleventh century believed that the Melissa had the magic of making the mind and heart happy. The Melissa has powder white, rose red, a crystal clear gem-shaped flower seed is diamond-shaped set on the crystal buds. It has pink white, rose red, a crystal clear gem-shaped flower seed is diamond-shaped set on the crystal buds. it is often planted around ancient European churches or temples, and bees pick honey to make for sacrificial purposes. The name "Melissa" is derived from the Greek word for "bee".

Melissa Extract Powder is used for a variety of purposes, such as food additives, herbal teas, ingredients, ornaments and pharmaceuticals.

Melissa Extract Powder

The powder is rich in rosemary acid, coffee acid, raw tea acid and other polyphenolic compounds.

Rosemary acid has a good therapeutic effect on cancer, inflammation, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases. Coffee acid has a very high ability to remove free radicals from DPPH and ABTS (2, 2-co-nitrogen-ii (3-ethyl-benzoic-6-sulfonate) diammonium salts. It also has the ability to reduce iron ions. Primary tea acid can reduce the pathological damage of brain tissue in mice with Parkinson's model, play the role of nerve protection, and reduce the production of free radicals by improving endogenous antioxidant enzyme vitality.

The Melissa Extract Powder also contains tannins, which have a convergence effect, help antiviral effect, and acetate butyl, which is said to be one of the phytochemicals that cause the anti-spasm effect.

Gaba is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the nervous system of mammalian Nemonths, it is

An mportant target for the study of sedation, anti-anxiety and antidepressants. Rosemary acid as an effective part of the sage, it can inhibit GABA transaminase, inhibit the degradation of GABA, thereby improving the concentration of GABA in the brain, play an anti-anxiety, calming effect. In addition, two other main ingredients: coffee acid and citricaldehyde also have anti-anxiety properties.

Melissa Extract Powder has a significant role as an antidepressant and neuroprotective agent in relieving stress, improving psychological mood, regulating cognitive performance, and preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

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