Do you know what function does hops have?

- Jun 09, 2020-

Do you know the raw materials of hop extract?Hops (scientific name: Humulus lupulus Linn.), also known as Hubu, snake flower, yeast flower, beer Vaguli, vanilla, is a mulberry family, Humulus perennial climbing herbs, stems, branches and petioles dense villus and barbed spines.Leaves oval or broadly oval, sharp tip, base heart-shaped or near-circular, rough serrated edges, densely burred surface, petiole not longer than leaf. The male flowers are arranged as conical flower sequences, the flower slivers and the male slivers are 5; the female flowers are born in a sliver of a sliver of each two; and the slivers are arranged in a near-spherical spiked flower sequence. Fruit-spike ball fruit-shaped, thin fruit flat, flowering autumn. The fruit spike is used for beer, and the female flower is medicinal.


What kind of relationship between hops and beer is never explored. In beer brewing, hops play an irreplaceable role. The hop-rich herbicacids (alpha soft resin) and snake lineone (beta soft resin) greatly inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend the shelf life of beer. Prior to the invention of pasteurization, the anti-corrosion function of hops belonged to the "rigid demand" of beer production, when the taste experience of "loose aroma", "lemon scent" and "herbal flavor" in the finished beer was only a by-product of the hop.

Hopless immature green fruit spike can be added to medicine, it has the effect of stomach-saving, annone and diuretic and other effects, for indigestion, bloating, puffiness, urinating pain, lung, insomnia.

Hops extract

1. Hop Extract Is Expected to Treat Breast Cancer

In a new study, researchers at the UIC/NIH Center for Plant Dietary Supplements at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that rich hop extracts activate a chemical detoxification pathway in breast cells that could help prevent breast cancer.

2. The effective substance in the hop can be used to suppress cancer!

A recent study suggests that the main ingredient in beer can help prevent cancer and inflammatory diseases.

3.The team of the graduate school at Theoshima University in Japan reported in the latest issue of PLoS ONE that they have found that beer raw hops are rich in isoprene-based flavonoids, a substance that inhibits muscle atrophy and is expected to use the substance to develop drugs and specialty foods in the future.

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