Do you know the analytical testing methods for Nonivamide Powder?

- Nov 02, 2020-

Nonivamide Powder, the chemical name is nonanoic acid vanillyl amide (OC), the structural formula is shown in Figure 1. It belongs to the class of capsaicin, its spiciness and sensory irritation are significantly higher than natural capsaicin, but the production cost is only about 1/10 of natural capsaicin, so it has been widely used in the field of industrial additives and police riot control .

Nonivamide Powder.png

At present, there are many analytical methods for natural capsaicinoids, including spectrophotometry, sodium nitrite photometry, liquid/mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography, etc.

There is no report about the analytical testing method of Nonivamide Powder. At the same time, considering the physical and chemical properties of the synthetic capsaicin (low boiling point, easy to vaporize, containing more carbon atoms, and good thermal stability), the solid adsorption-gas chromatography/flame ionization detector method was established to test synthetic capsaicin in the gas. First through XAD. 2 (styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer) solid adsorbent adsorbs OC vapor and aerosol particles in the gas, and then XAD-2 is analyzed in CH2C12 solvent,

After the analysis is complete, the content is analyzed by gas chromatography. The minimum detection concentration of Oc in the gaseous state is 10 tc,/m3. The average recovery rate of the method is 91.5%, and the average relative standard deviation is 3.2%. The linear range is wide, and it has strong anti-impurity interference ability.

analytical methods for  Nonivamide Powder


The established detection method has high sensitivity, good selectivity and simple sample pretreatment process. This method can provide a reliable technical basis and reference for the research and application of Nonivamide Powder.

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