Do you know capsacin can prevent obesity?

- Nov 22, 2019-

With the developing of society, it has been found that capsacin can prevent obesity. Pepper can stimulate the body's heat production and increase the characteristics of energy metabolism. Heat production and energy metabolism play an important role in regulating obesity. Therefore, pepper is considered as a potential tool for controlling obesity. Studies have found that capsaicin in pepper can also play a role in preventing obesity.


In recent years, the incidence of nutritional obesity has increased year by year, and it has become popular worldwide, becoming a serious threat to human health. However, pepper fruit is rich in nutrients, rich in carbohydrates, protein, VC, carotenoids and calcium, phosphorus and other substances, especially the non-nutrient capsaicin in pepper. Capsaicin is the main chemical causing spicy pepper and the main substance controlling obesity. The content in capsicum fruit is only between 0.2% and 1.0% [9]. Capsaicin has many physiological pharmacological activities, such as: analgesic effect, cardiovascular protection, anticancer effect, effect on the digestive system, antibacterial effect, etc.


Capsaicin, especially those with spicy and pungent taste, give people a characteristic of heat production, sweating and energy metabolism after eating. Heat generation and energy metabolism play an important role in the regulation of obesity. In recent years, Obesity, especially the nutritional obesity, is gradually becoming a trend, and the complications associated with it are also a serious threat to human health. Therefore, there are more and more researches on the anti-obesity of pepper. Although the relevant research results show that capsaicinoids, the main active ingredient in pepper, can reduce the appetite, reduce the body mass, increase the body heat production and reduce the body fat accumulation in rats with high fat and high sugar, but the specific The mechanism of molecular action is not shown.

Capsaicin can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, weaken the gastric motility, thereby weakening the digestive capacity of the stomach and increasing the time of satiety, so that the appetite will also be weakened. The reason why obese people are obese is directly related to excessive appetite. When people eat pepper, the gastric acid secretion is reduced, the appetite is reduced, and the food intake is also reduced. It is easier to lose weight. However, the specific range of capsaicin doses can inhibit gastric acid secretion in humans and further research is needed.

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