Determination and Correlation of Solubility of Nonivamide in Different Solvents

- May 23, 2016-


The solubility of nonivamide in dimethyl sulfoxide, methanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, methyltert-butyl ether, acetonitrile, n-hexane and water over the temperature range of 293.2 K to 323.2 K was measured. The results reveal that the solubility of nonivamide is greatly influenced by the hydrogen-bond basicity of solvent and increases with temperature. The experimental data were correlated with the modified Apelblat equation. The dissolution enthalpy and entropy of nonivamide in different solvents were obtained from the correlation of lnx with 1/T using the van't Hoff equation. The calculated nonivamide solubility is in good agreement with experimental data for most of the solvents.

Graphical Abstract

The figure shows the correlation between the solubility of nonivamide (xi) and the hydrogen-bond basicity (β) of the solvent. The molecular structure of nonivamide shows that it contains a benzene ring, a hydrogen-bond acidic phenolic hydroxyl group, a hydrogen-bond basic amide group and a hydrophobic alkyl chain. It is seen that the solubility of nonivamide generally increases as the hydrogen-bonding basicity of the solvent increases, from which it is learned that the hydrogen-bonding interaction between solute and solvent is a key factor that determines the solubility of nonivamide in various solvents.