Application of Synthetic Capsaicin

- Jan 26, 2021-

1 .Analysis of synthetic capsaicin

The synthetic capsaicin was measured by infrared spectroscopy (Figure 1) and high performance liquid chromatography (Figure 2), the purity was determined to be 99.51%.

infrared spectroscopyhigh performance liquid chromatography

2. Paint preparation

Select artificially synthetic capsaicin (purity greater than 99%) and cuprous oxide as composite antifouling additives, and mix them with acrylic resin and fillers to prepare paint samples for testing purposes. According to the amount of synthetic capsaicin added, they are numbered 1# and 2# respectively. The content of capsaicin in 2# is higher than that in 1#. At the same time, samples of antifouling coatings with organic antifouling additives (A, B, C, D) and cuprous oxide as composite antifouling additives were prepared for comparison, they were numbered 3#, 4#, 5#, and 6 respectively. 

Synthetic Capsaicin

1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# and 6# 6 antifouling coating systems, the content of cuprous oxide is the same. The basic formula of antifouling paint is shown in Table .

raw material

Quality score %



Cuprous oxide




Zinc oxide






3.Basic properties of antifouling coatings

(1)Storage stability

According to GB 6753.3 "Test Method for Storage Stability of Coatings", the storage stability of antifouling coatings is evaluated.

(2)Compatibility with anti-rust primer

According to the requirements of GB 9271 "Paint and Varnish Standard Test Panel" and GB 1727 "General Preparation Method of Paint Film", make matching performance samples, the sample material is ordinary steel plate, and the coating method is air spraying. According to GB9286 "Cross-cut test of paint and varnish film", the compatibility of anti-fouling paint and anti-rust primer is tested. The coating system of the test sample is shown in Table .



Coating thickness/μm


Epoxy antirust paint


Intermediate paint

Modified epoxy anti-rust paint


Antifouling paint

Antifouling paint


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