Application Analysis of Silymarin

- Aug 21, 2020-

Application Analysis:
In view of the current global application, Silymarin is used for medical purposes mainly to protect the liver, of which, the main ingredient for this liver protection is silibinin, which can prevent alcohol, chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, food toxins, environmental pollution, etc. from causing liver damage Damage, promote the regeneration and repair of liver cells, so it is called "natural hepatoprotective medicine", so the content of silybin directly determines the value of silymarin;

Silymarin is widely used in the health care product industry because of its anti-radiation, preventing arteriosclerosis, and delaying skin aging. Its strong antioxidant makes it widely used in the cosmetics industry.


Milk thistle oil:

As a by-product of milk thistle, milk thistle oil also has great market potential. The milk thistle oil are shown in the picture below:

active ingredients of milk thistle oil

The oil content of milk thistle seeds is about 20%~25%, and the traditional oil extraction rate with the skin is about 17%. The oil color is darker and the smell is heavy. In recent years, the milk thistle peeling equipment on the market can separate the milk thistle skin and kernels. The pure kernels are used for oil extraction, and the rate is higher, the oil color is clear, and the smell is refreshing.

It laid a solid foundation for the popularization of milk thistle oil.

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