100% Pure Lavender Oil, Organic Nature Lavender Essential Oil

- May 31, 2016-

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Grade Separation:Pure Grade

  • Type:Pure Essential Oil

  • Ingredient:Lavender

  • Raw Material:Leaves

  • Method:Distillation

  • Supply Type:OEM/ODM

Product Description

Plant Essential oil can be used in incense, massage and physical therapy products. There are two kinds: One is compound essential oil; The other is 100% pure essential oil. It can make people feel relaxed both in body and mind, so it can keep people from disease and aging.
Colorless or light yellow liquid
With fresh lavender aroma
Relative density:
Refractive index:
Linalyl acetate Min 38%.
Function: Has the effectiveness of killing pain, anti-bacterium, and disinfecting. Suitable for treating common cough, cough, sinusitis and so on...And can make people keep calm, help to sleep peacefully, relieve the symptom of headache, muscle sore, rheumatic, and arthritis. And also can solve the problem of menorrhalgia. For example, apply some lavender oil on the back before childbirth will relieve the pain.
It has great effect on curing scalds and wound, it will accelerate the concrescence of the wounds. Reduces blood pressure levels. Improves heart-throb, nausea, vomit, and flatulence. Balances oil secretion of skin and reduces scar.