Orange Peel Extract

1.Product Name: Hesperetin, Orange Peel Extract
2.CAS No.: 520-33-2
3.Specification: Hesperetin , Min 98%, HPLC.
4.Test Method: HPLC
5.Latin Name: Orange Peel Extract.

Product Details

What is Hesperetin ?

Hesperetin can be found in the fruit of a plant known as Citrus aurantium. It is one of the main active compounds found in the fruit and is also known as green orange, or zhi shi in Chinese. It is also called sour orange or bitter orange in other parts of the world. Citrus aurantium extract hesperetin powder is a drug commonly used for weight loss. In application of traditional Chinese medical science, citrus aurantium extract hesperetin is used to dispel bloating and a lump in the abdomen and phlegm, and to cureedema, constipation, gastroptosis, prolapse of uterus and rectocele.


Hesperetin Specification:


Extraction source

Orange Peel Extract

Active ingredients



Min 98%

Test method



Pharmaceutical   Grade, Food grade,


Light yellow   powder

Heavy metal

10ppm max


2ppm max

Total Plate









For 0.5kgs to   5kgs, Aluminum foil bags + Aseptic bag vacuum packaging

For 25kgs,   double-layer Aseptic bag + Paper Drums

Shelf Life

2 years when   properly stored


Hesperetin Main Function:

1.Hesperetin With the function of antibacterial and anti-fungi, it can resist various bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, shigella dysenteriae, typhoid bacillus;

2.Hesperetin has the function of anti-inflammatory and sedative;

3.Hesperetin has the function of anti-cancer;

4.Hesperetin With the function of lowering blood cholesterol, reducing thrombosis, improving micro-circulation and nutrient supply, it can effectively prevent cerebrovascular diseases.

5.Hesperetin has the function of spasmolysis and cholagogue.


Hesperetin Application:

1. Hesperetin is a potent antioxidant against peroxynitrite.
2. Hesperetin have the effect of anti-inflammatory . Hesperetin can indirect inhibit the inflammatory reaction by inhibiting the release of a rachidonic acid metabolite and histamine
3. Hesperetin can prevent blood platelet agglutination , prophylaxis the formation of thrombus and protect Cardiovascular system . Hesperidin can also act as a vasodilator , which may be useful inHypertension

4. Hesperetin and naringenin have Lipid-lowering efficacy

5. Hesperitin has antimutagenic propertie 


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