Dunaliella Salina Powder

Dunaliella Salina Powder

1.Product Name: Dunaliella Salina ,Beta-Carotene, β-Carotene. Salina extract
2.CAS No.: 7235-40-7
3.Specification: Dunaliella Salina , Min 5%, HPLC.
4. Test Method: HPLC
5. Latin Name: Daucus carota
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Product Details

What is Dunaliella Salina ?

Dunaliella salina is a type of halophile green micro-algae especially found in sea salt fields. Known for its antioxidant activity because of its ability to create large amount of carotenoids, it is used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. Few organisms can survive like D. salina does in such highly saline conditions as salt evaporation ponds. To survive, these organisms have high concentrations of β-carotene to protect against the intense light, and high concentrations of glycerol to provide protection against osmotic pressure. This offers an opportunity for commercial biological production of these substances. 



Dunaliella salina,Salina extract

Extraction source


Active ingredients

Dunaliella salina


Min 5%

Test method



Pharmaceutical Grade, Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade

Related substance (HPLC)

Total impurity ≤0.5%

Max single impurity ≤0.1%


Orange to dark red powder

Heavy metal

10ppm max

Total Plate









For 0.5kgs to 5kgs, Aluminum foil bags + Aseptic bag vacuum packaging

For 25kgs, double-layer Aseptic bag + Paper Drums

Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored


Dunaliella salina/Beta-Carotene Main Function:

1. Protect skin from ultraviolet radiation;

2. Supports skin cell metabolism; 

3. Help skin form an excellent tanned color.

4. Improve your eyesight.

5. Can prevent heart disease.   


1. Medical Purpose

Beta Carotene is recognized to have functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, caducity resistance, etc., for instance, beta carotene can improve immunity of AIDS patients.

2. Food Additive

Besides caducity resistance and immunity improvement, Dunaliella salina/beta carotene  is also an important pigment and confirmed as nutritious food additive. Beta Carotene can be used as intensifying agent for lipid foods such as  margarine salad oil and benne oil to help beta carotene absorption by human body.

3. Cosmetics

Beta Carotene's extractives contain abundant amino acid, vitamin, natural wet factor, microelement and other bioactive substances, and cosmetics (lipstick, kermes, etc.) added with beta carotene present natural and full color and luster and protect skin.

4. Forage Additive

Beta Carotene can improve growth rate and flesh quality of animals, reproductivity of cattle, horse and pig, color and luster of red fish and shrimp, and darken color of bird's egg.


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