1. Product Name: Chito-oligosaccharide
2. Other Name: Chitosan oligosaccharide
3. Assay: 90% 95%
4. CAS No.: 148411-57-8
5. MF: C12H24N2O9
6. Appearance: Light yellow powder
7. Grade: Medicine/Food/Cosmetic/Agricultural/ Feed Grade
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Chito-oligosaccharide also called chitosan oligosaccharide and oligochitosan,it is a kind of oligosaccharide product with a polymerization degree between 2 and 20, molecular weight ≤3200Da, which is a low molecular weight product with good water solubility, great function and high biological activity. Oligosaccharide has many unique functions, such as higher solubility than chitosan, full solubility in water, easy absorption and utilization by organisms, and its function is 14 times that of chitosan. It is the only take the positively charged cationic basic aminooligosaccharide in nature.


Product Name



Food Grade

Country of Origin

P.R. China



Molecular Formular





Fine Powder


Solid powder


Light Yellow


No visible impurity


◆ Agriculture Field

(1) Chito-oligosaccharide contains rich of C, N, and that can be utilized by microbial decompose nutrients for plant growth.

(2) It can change soil microflora, promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms and inhibition of some plant pathogens.

(3) It can stimulate plant growth, so that the crops and fruit and vegetable production.

(4)It can induce plant disease resistance,which with a variety of fungi, bacteria and virus immune and killing effect, expecially for wheat, cotton verticillium wilt, rice blast and tomato late blight disease has good control effect. At the same time, it has a certain degree of direct inhibition on a variety of plant pathogens

◆ Medicine Field

(1)It can protect the wound from infection by bacteria,promoting wound repair.

(2)It can improve immunity,promote antibody formation of liver and spleen, promote the absorption of calcium and minerals, proliferate Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and other beneficial flora in the human body, reduce blood fat, blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, regulate cholesterol,prevent adult diseases and other functions.

◆ Food Field

(1) It is widely added to the spices, dairy products, and fruit juice as flavoring agent, which can both enrich the taste of products, and improve the nutrition.
(2) Chito-oligosaccharide can be applied in food, fruit and vegetable preservation because it keep the fruit and vegetable fresh.
(3) It can be applied in Yoghourt, Milk powder because it can adjust the intestinal microflora.

◆ Cosmetic Field

This is applicable to various cosmetics, such as emollient cream, shower gel, cleaning cream, mousse, advanced ointment frost, emulsion and colloid cosmetics, etc. has obvious moisturizing, activate the body's cells, prevent the skin coarse and aging.


1--Standard Package: 25KG/drum,Double Aseptic food poly bags inside,Paper Drums outside.

2---Sample Package: Aluminum foil bag.

3--Quantity Less than 50kgs, Recommend to take by DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex.

4--Quantity Less than 200kgs, Recommend to take Air Shipment.

5--Quantity More than 200kgs, Recommend to take Sea Shipment.

6--Lead Time: By Express Courier, around 4 to 7 days.

By Air, around 2 to 4 days

By Sea, around 7 to 30days.

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