High Quality Bee Venom

High Quality Bee Venom

1. High Quality Bee Venom manufacturer and supplier
2. Melittin is higher than 70%
3. Raw Bee Venom
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Product Details

CAS91261-16-4 /Bee Venom suppliers/manufacturers

Shaanxi Rebecca Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China bee venom manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are always able to produce best pure bee venom products, and also we have high-quality 91261-16-4, bee venom powder, honey bee venom, bee sting venom for sale to offer you any time.

Products Detail:

Product Name: Bee Venom

Ingredient: Melittin

Melittin: Min 70%

CAS: 91261-16-4

Grade: Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade and pharmaceutical grade

Product Introduction:

Bee Venom(Bee Venom Powder,Honey Bee Venom) is raw material for pharmaceutical, medicinal or cosmetic manufacturers.

Bee Venom(Bee Venom Powder,Honey Bee Venom) is a complex mixture of proteins (enzymes and peptides) with unique pharmacological activities.The main enzymes in Bee Venom are hyaluronidase and phopholiphaseA. Peptides are proteins that possess specific biological activities.There are three major peptides found in Bee Venom: melittin, apamin, and peptide 401. Melitten and apamin stimulate the body's adrenal and pituitary systems to produce cortisol and natural steroids. Natually produced steroids do not produce the medical complications of synthetic steroids. Peptide 401 is a powerful anti immflamatory agent, found to be up to one hundred times more effective than cortisone when administered at equivalent dosages.


1.It can enhance neurotropism and ease pain.

2.It have the functions for treatment of rheumatism,high blood pressure and artery diseases.

3.It has the function of antiarrhythmic and radiation hardening.

4.It is used by some people as a treatment for rheumatism and joint diseases due to its anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties.

5.It is used to desensitize people allergic to insect stings.Bee venom therapy can also be delivered in the form of a balm although this may be less potent than using live bee stings.

6.It is used in numerous beauty products.

7.It is believed to increase blood flow therefore plumping the applied area-producing collagen. This effect aids in smoothing out lines and wrinkles.


1.It is applied in the field of Healthcare products.

2.It is applied in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

3.It is applied in the field of Cosmetic Products.


1--Standard Package: 25KG/drum,Double Aseptic food poly bags inside,Paper Drums outside.

1--Sample Package: Aluminum foil bag.

2--Quantity Less than 50kgs, Recommend to take by DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex.

3--Quantity Less than 200kgs, Recommend to take Air Shipment.

4--Quantity More than 200kgs, Recommend to take Sea Shipment.

5--Lead Time: By Express Courier, around 4 to 7 days.

By Air, around 2 to 4 days

By Sea, around 7 to 30days

For Any Further Information, please contact: information@sxrebecca.com


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