Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder

Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder

1.Product Name:Lipoic acid, alpha lipoic acid
2. CAS No.:62-46-24
3. Specification:Lipoic acid ,Min 99%,HPLC
4. Test Method:HPLC
5. Latin Name:1,2-Dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid;
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Product Details

What is Source of 99% Lipoic acid?

Lipoic acid (LA), also known as α-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and thioctic acid is an organosulfur compound derived from octanoic acid. ALA is made in animals normally, and is essential for aerobic metabolism. It is also manufactured and is available as a dietary supplement in some countries where it is marketed as an antioxidant, and is available as a pharmaceutical drug in other countries.


Alpha lipoic acid is a vitamin drugs, limited physical activity in its dextral, basically no physical activity in its Lipoic acid, and no side effects. It is always used for acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatic coma, fatty liver, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease ,and applies as an antioxidant health products.





The retention time of the peak for alpha lipoic acid in the chromatogram of the Assay preparation corresponds to that in the chromatogram of the Standard preparation, as obtained in the Assay

Assay by (HPLC)

99 - 101 % (dried base)


Light yellow powder

Odor and taste


Melting point


polymer content

< 2 %

Residue on ignition

≤ 0.10%

Loss on drying

< 0.20%

Specific rotation

- 1,0° y + 1,0°


Relative substance

6-8-epitrithiooctanoic acid


Single impurity


Total ash

≤ 0.50 %

Heavy Metals

≤ 10ppm


Residue solvents



ethyl acetate




Aerobe amount

1000 CFU/g

Mildrew and macrozyme

100 CFU/g

E. coli / Salmonella


Golden yellowstaphylococcus




1. Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body.

2. It is needed by the body to produce the energy for our body's normal functions. 

3. It converts glucose(blood sugar) into energy.

4. It is also an antioxidant, a substance that neutralizes potentially harmful chemicals called free radicals. What makes alpha lipoic acid unique is that it functions in water and fat.

5. Alpha lipoic acid appears to be able to recycle antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione after they have been used up. Alpha lipoic acid increases the formation of glutathione.


1. Alpha lipoic acid can improve the growth performance and meat performance to increase economic benefits;
2. Lipoic acid will be coordination of the metabolism of Sugar, Fat and Amino Acid to improve animal immune function;
3.  It is used to protect and promote the absorption and transformation of VA,VE and other oxidation nutrients in feed as antioxidant;
4.  With the effective to ensure and improve the production performance of livestock and poultry and egg production in heat-stress environment.

5. Applied in pharmaceutical field.


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